I'm selling my Ruger Mark 3 Target .22LR in Stainless Steel. It is model number 10103. I have many upgrades to this pistol. I have a Hogue rubber grip (as well as the original grips), upgraded hi-viz fiber optic sights, upgraded talon extractor, magazine disconnect removed and a bushing installed improving the trigger, loaded chamber indicator removed and the LCI insert installed, and the Volquartson accurising kit with upgraded adjustable trigger, hammer and sear. The trigger breaks very cleanly at about 2.5lbs with no pre travel or over travel. I have my eye on some other guns so unfortunate this one has to go. This shoots very nice and is very accurate.

PTP or PTC required. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

I am located in Mankato but am willing to travel.