The Hakim Rifle is a gas operated semi-automatic rifle. It was originally designed by Sweden and produced as the Ag m/42 for the Swedish Army. The tooling and design were later sold to Egypt, and the Hakim was produced there during the 1950s and early 1960s. It was replaced in the mid-1960s by the Maadi AK-47 (a licensed copy of the Soviet rifle) but was stored in military reserve arsenals. In more recent years, it has been observed in use by some Egyptian police units. Around 70,000 were made.

Egypt introduced an adjustable gas operated system, whereas the Ag m/42 had been non-adjustable. The Hakim system is adjustable by use of a special tool and is a simple, direct impingement type whereby the flow of gas impacts directly on the front face of the bolt carrier, propelling it to the rear, which unlocks and moves the bolt as it does so. The Hakim features a Tokarev-pattern tipping bolt system as used in the FN-49, SKS and MAS-49 rifles.

This model comes in great condition with very little visible use. The rifling is in great condition nand the serial number places the year of manufacture at 1965.

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