When giant bears start thinking maybe you’re their next meal and a revolver is all that stands between you and dinner – power and size count. Developed out of necessity, the WWG Wolverine conversion is a lot of power in a perfectly sized package. This revolver fires the bone crushing .454 Casull cartridge for maximum penetration and stopping power. We have also taken it even farther and added the WWG moon clip conversion that allows it to fire a multitude of .45 cartridges such as .45acp, .45 win mag, .460 Rowland, ect. This makes the Wolverine one of the most versatile revolvers available today. WWG customizes each one starting with the factory Ruger Super Redhawk revolver. The barrel length is cut and crowned to specified length and the sights remounted. Extra weight is machined off and re-contoured. Bead blast finish is applied to reduce any glare and the action is hand tuned and polished. Trigger work is done for a crisp clean double and single action pull. Recoil control porting is added to allow a quicker follow up shot. Moon clip conversion is done to allow firing rimless .45 cartridges. The Wild West Guns custom Wolverine Conversion for when you really need to be the baddest predator in the woods!

This pistol is used but in like new condistion showing almost no wear. It will come with factory box, moon clip loader and moon clips.