ATI GSG STG-44 .22LR Semi-automatic Rifle

Combining the accuracy and muscle of an early infantry rifle with the controllable firepower of an SMG, the StG 44 brought fully-automatic capability to intermediate range…earning it the distinction as one of the most important small-arms innovations of all time! It came too late to have any effect on WWII (thankfully), but countries around the world scrambled to create their own versions.

Now's your chance to get your hands on a truly awesome reproduction of the iconic rifle chambered in the affordable .22LR. Retaining as many of the original specs as possible, it's made from steel and wood — not polymer. So it doesn't have that cheap knock-off feel. It has satisfying heft. This version is a blast to shoot, and is sure to scratch your itch for historical firearms.

  • Made in Germany, imported by ATI
  • Hooded fixed front sight/windage and elevation-adjustable rear
  • Hardwood stock
  • Includes two 25 rd. magazines