For sale is a nice condition PSL 7.62x54r semi-auto.  **it's the bottom one in pics, the top one is not for sale at this time**  It comes with one mag and the sling attached, nothing more.  Finish looks good with a few marks here and there, the internals look great and the bore looks as good as new, so I would say very low round count.  The barrel length on this one is 18.5", standard is 24" as shown on the top one for OAL reference.  I have had this one for several years now and have not done anything with it and it's been years since I've taken out the top one, so decided to let the bottom one go.  They are both TGI Knox TN rifles as they had the best reviews when I was looking into them and probably still do today.  These rifles can be very accurate.  On the top one for example, I've achieved 1/2" groups with military surplus ammo without "letting the barrel cool between shots".  The one for sale should be as accurate if not more accurate with the shorter more rigid barrel.  The one for sale already has the AK Tapco G2 trigger just like the top one.  I might list the top one at some point, but not sure yet, since these particular PSL's are difficult to find.  

$1,600 OBO in cash, better in trade.  

I would not mind having more of the listed below.  Please be specific with any trade offers, if you offer an item of lesser value and do not mention adding cash or other, I will think you want a straight trade and not be interested.

Clean Sig P938, one of the laser combos that sells for just over $500 new would get preference, but may will consider other models.  XDM 45 or 9mm 5.25" model, bitone preferred.
AR-15 and AR-10 stripped lower receivers.
AK's or similar.
Scorpion EVO S1 or S2 pistol, Kel-Tec RDB, may consider others.
Ruger PC9 Takedown and Beretta CX4 9mm that takes the 92 mags.
Beretta M9A1, 92A1 or M9A3.
Maybe another Mini 30, 16" barrel model, SS preferred, but not a must.
Would like 2-3 Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x or 1-8x(preferred), but I can get these new with the Vortex one-piece mount for $230 and $300, so value given would be a little less on each.
Maybe others firearms, just be specific, please!

Thanks for looking and must be legally able to own a firearm in TX!