Excellent starter kit already built up and ready to go. All items will come in the MTM Carry case shown.
-Powder horn
-Goex FFFg blackpowder, 1lb can
-Goex FFFFg blackpowder, 1lb can
-Bore butter, 5 ox tube
-powder funnel
-Hornady #6090 leda balls .490 100ea, 2 boxes
-Birchwood Casey No 77 Balck powder solvent
-Muzzleloader handbook
-RWS 100 Percussion caps, 2 tins- new
-Ox Yoke Bore patches, 20 ea
-Bore patches, 100 pcs, 2 ea
-Bullet starter
-2 .50 cal bore brushes
-Nipple wrench
-Bullet jag and puller
-T/C Cleaning patches No13 bore cleaner
-Ox yoke Wonder lube bullet lube

Over $250 in accessories