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Glock 17 GEN4 STANDARD 9MM 4.5" 3/17RD MAG USA NibOne Coating

Legal Manufacturing’s Patent Pending NIB Process

All three of our NIB nickel boron products are ideal for depositing a very smooth and uniform plating barrier on complex configurations of parts. The plating is baked after application to increase the hardness to over 70 Rockwell hardness and produce a surface enhancement that is superior to competing plating systems. Other advantages of our NIB system include the following:

  • HARDNESS: 70+HRc (1076+ HV)
  • LUBRICITY: Low static coefficient of friction without lubrication
  • More than 2x the wear resistance of hard chrome; NIB will outlast the life of the part in most cases
  • Extremely ductile plating, NIB does not crack and chip like hard chrome
  • Temperature resistant to 1100°F
  • 4x the wear resistance of electroless nickel phosphorus
  • Plating thickness range: 0.0003 to 0.010 inch
  • Excellent adhesion to most alloys including titanium and aluminum.
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Best performance is achieved when mating components are plated with NIB
  • Plated parts can run lubrication free, reducing the cleaning, care, and maintenance without sacrificing reliability
  • All final thickness measured with XRF instrumentation technology


  • MODEL: 17
  • TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  • ACTION: Safe Action
  • FRAME: Polymer Frame
  • GRIPS: Black Polymer
  • CALIBER: 9mm
  • CAPACITY: 17
  • # OF MAGS: 3
  • WEIGHT: 25.06 oz.
  • BARREL: 4.5"
  • SIGHTS:Fixed Sights

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