New FN PS-90.  I have not fired the weapon.  Selling all my firearms amd gun safe.  Gun safe will the last item sold. All weapons will be transfered into your name.  Place of transaction will be Gold and Pawn exchanve in Apex.  Please do not call me or ask me to give you the weapon for $500 dollars.  It will never happpen.  No ammo with weapon unless ypu wush to purchase.  Thank you and first come, first serve.  I will not hold any weapons.  Call REDACTED.  I will not respond to text messages or emails. Price is pretty firm as I have check new prices.  Weapons are price to sell and will not last long. Please, if you can buy it cheaper from your dealer, do so anot waste my time telling me this because you CAN NOT.  I will ship to your FFL.  Buyer pays actual shipping cost.