For sale or trade;    I have about 50 high quality AK,s Rifles.
All Russian AK,s; Vepr, Sgl21, SGL 31, FIME, Legion, Arsenal. AK47, AK74. 
Bulgarian slr, sam7sf,
from 4500- 7000 each

Please look at my armslist store for more AK,s
Please call only 720 27 six six six 97.
Thank you.
price from 2500-4500$ each.
Also have Chinese and Bulgarian.
Trades possible: For other good quality AK,s, swd, pkm,  Ak74, rpk 74, 47, SCAR, SSG300, TRG, sig sauer, colt, cz, bren, hk, fn. Toyota truck or suv, dodge ram