The 47 Hour Firearms Course
This course includes seven hours of classroom instruction in the Use of Force (NYS Penal Law Art. 35) and a written examination. The course also includes 40 hours on the firing range, followed by weapons qualification. Upon successful completion of this course, the guard is issued a training certificate; it must be submitted to the Department of State along with his or her registration application.  Equipment Ammunition & Supplies you will need for this class: All students must bring their on-duty firearms to class.  Students will need a minimum of two magazines for semi-automatic pistols, and two speed loaders for revolvers.  Holsters will be worn by the students during range practical exercises.  Holsters must be in forward directional draw, securely fastened to the belt and must have a functioning retainer device.  The directional draw intended here means the handgun is drawn straight up and out of the holster and brought on target in a straight forward motion.  Ankle holsters and inside the waistband holsters  will not be allowed.  DO NOT bring competition equipment to this school.  This included custom bull barrel revolvers, custom semi-automatic pistols, plastic competition style holsters, ammunition trays etc. Will not be allowed. Students will need 400 rounds of practice ammunition and 150 rounds or service ammunition for qualifications.  Students WILL NOT be allowed to carry shooting boxes, buckets etc., on to the firing line.  Therefore, all equipment plus a minimum of 50 rounds must be capable of being carried on the person.  Loose ammunition maybe carried in pockets.  Tight "jeans" are not recommended. Clothing for range exercises must enable the student to safely and comfortably  assume each required firing positions.  This also includes rain gear, cold weather gear and if you choose to wear gloves or any kind. Range exercises will be conducted regardless of weather conditions.  Foul weather clothing must be worn under equipment and in no way interfere with using that equipment.  Students should also bring to class each day a writing tablet and pencil or pen for notes.  Students must have proper SAFETY equipment for class: brimmed hat, wrap around safety glasses and hearing protection.  Cleaning equipment and materials to clean the firearm the student is using should be brought to class on day 1.  SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION: Students must accomplish the following: Complete all class room instructions.  Pass multiple choice testes with a minimum grade of 70%, Demonstrate safe Handgun procedures, and knowledge as well as Range Qualifications of firing 2 qualifying scores of 70% (175 out of a possible 250 points).  Qualification scores must accomplished using their duty weapon and service duty ammunition.  FULL ATTENDANCE  is required to complete the school successfully. NO LOADED FIREARMS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASS ROOM.  Visit for more information or to sign up