Minuteman Armory
7 North Main St
E. Templeton, MA


Ladies and Gentlemen.. we often try to wax poetic (or ramble pointlessly) about some of the more special beasts we see.

But this time.. the machine speaks for itself. It needs no introduction, it needs little to no explanation. General George Patton once called this "The greatest battle implement ever devised" and this is the best of the best. A factory built M1 Garand - Sniper, "D" model.

It has the original Springfield sniper barrel. It may or may not be the original stock, but it is a war era stock (not an after war replacement). Original type cheek rest (1952). Receiver is a Springfield and mfg'd in 1941.

This particular freedom machine is a stunner and rarer than your wife being thrilled about you brining more pews home.

You owe it to yourself to at least come see freedom maker.