Beautiful 1860 Colt Army, .44 Caliber with rare fluted cylinder (less than 2% of production) and the rare 8 Inch London Barrel. Gun was shipped to US Army for service in the war between the states. Later pistol returned to Colt for engraving and on to a domestic life. Gun still retains mounting studs to fit the Army Carbine stock. All matching number gun. Gun remains in beautiful original condition and would be proud in any collection. Copy of Colt letter in pics. Part trades considered. 

Here we present an antique Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver, made in 1861 in Hartford, Connecticut. The Model 1860 was the single most used pistol of the American Civil War. Over 200,000 were made from 1860 to 1873, and 156,000 were made by the end of the war in 1865. The 1860 Army was Samuel Colt’s finest achievement to that point, having finally developed a large caliber revolver that weighed about 2 lbs. 10 oz. to the famous Dragoon’s 4 lbs. 4 oz., and was adopted en masse by the U.S. government with huge contracts. The revolver was well balanced in hand but had a long enough barrel to be effective when utilized as a carbine with the attachable shoulder stock. This revolver represented unprecedented firepower from a handgun in the field at the time and was especially suited to Cavalry. The Confederacy, lacking in manufacturing capabilities though they were, managed to produce limited numbers of copies, and battlefield pickups of the 1860 Army were highly coveted. The 1860 Army went on to serve the U.S. military even after the Civil War and into the Indian Wars, until production of Colt’s 1873 Single Action Army created new waves in the revolver market, and again achieved great success in the military and commercial markets.


This one is equipped with a nice 20th Century reproduction detachable shoulder stock.

Antique firearm requires no FFL and can be shipped direct for $50.