In 1910 a Smith & Wesson dealer in San Francisco by the name of Phillip Bekeart made a special order of 1000 revolvers chambered in 22LR with a 6 inch barrel and adjustable target sights on a heavy frame. Smith & Wesson then began producing the revolvers off of their 32 caliber I-frame revolvers, therefore birthing the "22/32 Heavy-Frame Target" nomenclature. This model is considered Smith & Wesson's first revolver chambered in the 22LR cartridge.

For its time, this revolver never reached peak popularity and Smith & Wesson began introducing different variants in the 1930s. These include the 4 inch barrel kit model designed for hunters and fishers.

Based on its features and its serial number, we estimate this particular model was manufactured sometime around 1918-1919. The wooden grips bear the original S&W gold medallions that were on production models until the early 1920s, and the serial number falls below 230,000. The gun is in excellent operational condition with minimal wear.

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