Make: Winchester


Action Type: Break barrel single shot.

Caliber: 16 gauge

Barrel: 28”, 2 3/4”

Length: 44”

Sight / Optics:
Front bead sight.

Stock / Grips:
Stock and forearm appear to be original and are securely in place. 
The wood on both pieces does have deep scratches, gouges, and dents to the wood. 
At the base of the grip area of the stock, there is a small piece of wood that chipped off.
On the left side of the stock, where it meets the receiver, there may be a small crack, or it could be a deep scratch (can't tell). 
Stock is securely in place and does not have any movement to it.

Bore Condition: 
Very good condition – no rust or pitting. Not threaded for chokes.

All of the functions are operating correctly.

Overall Condition:
At the tip of the muzzle, there is a dent on the top side. 
The dent is big enough, that is affect the shape of the bore exit. 
There are areas on the barrel, where the finish shows some wear and the receiver has some heavy wear to the finish. 
This shotgun had some surface rust on it, when we took it in. 
We managed to clean most of the rust off, but small amounts of rust are still present in some areas.
The barrel has a very tight lockup and doesn't have any play/movement when closed. 
Trigger and cocking mechanism are working properly.

Magazines & Accessories: 
No additional accessories are included. Listing is only for the shotgun.