Super Rare 1943 Hungarian Femaru 37M (Femaru-Fegyver Es Gepgyar R.T. 37M) WWII Era Issued Pistol. Used by German & Hungarian Military. Made in Budapest, Hungary. 9mm Kurtz (.380 acp). These were also made in 7.65 (.32 acp) for German Luftwaffe Aircrew members. Barrels & Mags are interchangeable between these pistols. Designed by Frommer. I have more photos of this pistol if you are interested.
WILL CONSIDER TRADES FOR: Henry Pump Action Octagonal Barrel H003T or H003TM (.22 S/L/LR or .22 Mag).  FTF for CASH ONLY in the local area (Murphy, Andrews, NC) MUST be 21 years old+ as this is a handgun, NC Resident, No Felons, or other disqualifying factors.
email me at:  REDACTED