Looking to buy just about anything of value.
Honest prices paid.
Anything weird or unusual 
Rarities, oddities,
Firearms. Tools, Gold,Silver, Diamonds, 
Electronics, Cameras, Video Games,
Slot Machines, Arcades, Watches, 
Purses, Sunglasses, Knives, Swords,
Man Caves stuff, Neon Signs,
Pocket Watches, Silverware ,
Optics, Ammunition, 
Anything related to WWII, WWI, 
Secret Societies, White House memorabilia,
Area 51, Masonic , Freemason, 
Civil War, Wild West, Mafia, Nazi, Taboo,
Anything Not Politically Correct, 
Christian, Historical, NASA related, 
James Bond memorabilia
Firearms famous in movies,
Celebrity signatures, photos, movie memorabilia,
Movie props, lifesize celebrity standees,
Laptops, Tablets, Gadgets, 
Armor, large Statues, 
Banjos, Guitars, Basses, Drums,Violins, Brass, Woodwinds
Zippo Lighters, Televisions(2014 or newer)
Snap-on Tools, Matco, Mac, Blue-point
Safes, Surveillance systems, Bose Radios,
Drones, RC Cars, Stun Guns, Flame throwers,
BluRay movies, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Arcade machines, anything SciFi related, Horror related
Pop Culture, Anti Culture, Cold War era, and liberal tears.

Located at
3306 W Hwy 74
Monroe, NC
(Next to Bob Mayberry Hyundai)
You can Email us pics of what you have to: