FOR SALE:  RWS / Diana Model 54 RECOILLESS (!) .177 side lever single stroke air rifle

if you have been around true hunting air rifles, you know that RWS is top shelf material.  I started out with a model .45, then a 36, then a 52.  Each was excellent, but not recoilless, and I found I could shoot with these very well off-hand, but not as well as I thought I should be able to off of the bench.  Then I moved up to the model 54, and I could hardly believe it.  It really does live up to the recoilless description.  It also lets me put together a pretty good (the best I ever have had) target too.
     The included scope is a Bushnell fixed 4X that also has parallax adjustments in increments out to 100 yards+ (very optimistic...).  The rings appear to be Burris.
     This one is in excellent condition.  It has a very few small dings on the buttstock, but otherwise is like new.
     Google the model 54 for further information.  Unless you get into the four figure air rifles, I think you will find this one is about the best one out there, hands down.
     Currently, I believe RWS is owned by UMAREX, which seems to have a monopoly on European air rifles and at least .22 replica pistols.  I believe they own Walther too.
     Anyhow, it is an air rifle; it does not have a reservoir for compressed air, does not use combustible materials or cartridges etc., so if you come to me, I'm pretty sure I can sell it to you, as it is not considered a firearm in most places.  Know your local laws for ownership purposes.
     This is not a toy, nor something suitable for drive-by's, so if that's your line of thought, go elsewhere.

Cash & Carry only, face to face in Janesville.
I am NOT looking for TRADES at this time.
Bring a suitable guncase.