Fathers Day Giveaway - Winners Announced!
Fathers Day Giveaway
created: 6/7/2024 5:08 PM in NEWS

Armslist is giving 5 lucky subscribers a fathers day care package! 

We want to know... 

What's the Best or Worst advice your dad gave you as a kid? 

Comment Down below! 

Winners Selected At Random on 6/10


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created: 6/7/2024 5:08 PM in NEWS


commented on 06/15/2024 06:27 PM

Thank you I just got my winning package! I'll just eat an MRE instead of rubbing dirt an anything now. I'll post an unboxing on my YouTube when I don't look like I need a dirt bath. You guys are awesome!


commented on 06/15/2024 03:30 PM

When something would go wrong for me, my dad would always say " don't worry kid, the first hundred years are always the worse"


commented on 06/15/2024 12:40 PM

Walk it off and quit your bitchin was what my dad always said best advice ever


commented on 06/15/2024 10:37 AM

This is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you.


commented on 06/15/2024 10:35 AM

I grew up with a Father that cheated to get into the Army (Air Corp) during WWII (he was blind in one eye) But was so honest he told the military he didnt want any disability pay because he joined the Army (Air Corp)that way..


commented on 06/15/2024 10:32 AM

Take er easy. If she's easy, take er twice


commented on 06/15/2024 10:05 AM

My Dad raised me to be Honest & a Patriot

James caffee

commented on 06/15/2024 08:03 AM

God,Country, Family


commented on 06/14/2024 11:48 PM

Don’t piss in the wind and don’t eat yellow snow


commented on 06/14/2024 09:21 PM

My Dad always told me "go ask your mother"..

[email protected]

commented on 06/14/2024 09:06 PM

If you screw up, admit it like a man.


commented on 06/14/2024 07:49 PM

If you ain't first, you're last


commented on 06/14/2024 07:22 PM

You who makes decisions and only you . Makes decisions wisely.


commented on 06/14/2024 07:17 PM

If you spend all of your time trying to make everyone else happy the only one that will be unhappy is you.


commented on 06/14/2024 05:59 PM

In order to be old and wise you must first be young and stupid....Try to stay in limbo.

Dave Mahaney

commented on 06/14/2024 05:53 PM

If you get that big guy down, do NOT let him get back up!


commented on 06/14/2024 05:52 PM

Work hard , play hard , love your family

BB Hewie

commented on 06/14/2024 05:31 PM

Sure would love to win give away would make awesome Father's day .

BB Hewie

commented on 06/14/2024 05:31 PM

Sure would love to win give away would make awesome Father's day .


commented on 06/14/2024 05:26 PM

It’s not about finding a girl that’s not crazy it’s about how much crazy you can deal with


commented on 06/14/2024 05:14 PM

Now this is how you kill a man. Only do it you need to kill em.

WVMountain Man

commented on 06/14/2024 05:12 PM

Thanks to Armslist and their Support for the 2nd Ammendment. I am a 4th Generation US Marine. My father lost his right leg in Vietnam. Everyday we spend together is special. He turns 70 July 23rd. Happy Father's Day. We need more Father's in this country doing their part.


commented on 06/14/2024 04:56 PM

“People sleep peacefully in their beds at night, because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”


commented on 06/14/2024 04:56 PM

Remember that you r reputation follows you for Life


commented on 06/14/2024 04:51 PM

Don’t take life so seriously, it’s not permanent!


commented on 06/14/2024 04:48 PM

Punctuality is extremely important in life


commented on 06/14/2024 04:47 PM

Work hard, trust God.


commented on 06/14/2024 04:45 PM

Never buy a car that you can't push by yourself if it breaks down


commented on 06/14/2024 04:44 PM

Don’t trust everyone they are not all what they seem too be


commented on 06/14/2024 04:44 PM


commented on 06/14/2024 04:43 PM

Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what your gonna get

Mike Carter

commented on 06/14/2024 03:42 PM

Never leave yourself with only one option.

John H Cox III

commented on 06/13/2024 09:05 PM

Don’t be an idiot


commented on 06/13/2024 07:00 PM

before you marry a woman take a good long look at her mother.


commented on 06/13/2024 02:29 AM

My ole man he's passed on now but he told me , son your word is your bond and your hand shake is the seal on the contract . If a jobs worth doing it is worth doing right . And now that I told you that never forget where you come from or the little man in life or business . That's the people that got you where you are today . And don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining . Lol miss yah dad love yah happy Father's day in heaven .


commented on 06/13/2024 02:17 AM

I wasn't aware that Armslist had all these gives aways I need to check my emails more often . I also would like to say RIP Bryan mulinowski what a sad day in America when your murdered in your own home PROTECTING your family and your property from 10 vehicles full of ATF agents that should be charged with first degree murder charges as well as felony assault breaking entering felony trespassing attempted murder on his wife . WE don't need the ATF refund and disassemble the ATF murderers common criminals .


commented on 06/12/2024 06:58 PM

My dad was a real chicken. Wouldn't fight unless it was to hit. One he was at it and I simply ducked and let him brake his own hand. Never did it again. But when I first went into the Army, he didn't interest with me going to Vietnam, nor signing up for a 2d tour (in SF)... he started treating me better, but then he died... smoked like a chimney. I stayed in the Army for 33 1/2 years. Yep, I was a lifer, but I didn't take any crap. Richard


commented on 06/12/2024 04:05 PM

Never sleep with anyone you can’t bench press


commented on 06/11/2024 11:54 PM

Keep your word or don’t speak. While your not speaking, soak your fractured elbow in a cloth soaked in red wine!.


commented on 06/11/2024 07:49 PM

The only bad piece is the piece you didn't get


commented on 06/11/2024 07:11 PM


commented on 06/11/2024 09:22 AM

There is no guidebook for being a dad. Just do the best you can.


commented on 06/11/2024 08:02 AM

Marry an ugly woman who can cook well.


commented on 06/11/2024 05:52 AM

My Dad told me to chase as many women as I could and get as much poon as I could and be a gentleman while doing it


commented on 06/11/2024 02:35 AM

"People don't make you angry, it is a choice you make even when it feels like there is no other option. You always have a choice." My father always struggled with anger issues after he grew up with an abusive father. He passed some of that down to me and we talk about it occasionally to help me so I can stop the cycle. Now it's my job to not allow this affect my own four children.


commented on 06/11/2024 12:18 AM

The best advice my dad has ever given me was “bad people do bad shit, you’re not god so don’t try to change them.. just don’t allow them to sit at your table”


commented on 06/10/2024 09:56 PM

Best advice is don't count on nobody but yourself.


commented on 06/10/2024 09:55 PM

Don't listen to big media. Find what your good at and enjoy it and be the best at it


commented on 06/10/2024 04:57 PM

Best-Life's a war, find a women who will fight the war with you everyday. Worst-They all look the same in the dark.

The War Wagon

commented on 06/10/2024 01:20 PM

ONLY have 4 kids to enjoy it with - I'm down for the prize!


commented on 06/10/2024 12:46 PM

All women are crazy, you just need to find a crazy that works with your crazy.


commented on 06/10/2024 10:01 AM

Best advice I've ever been given: "If you don't know what you are doing, try until it works. If that something is weird, then be weird."


commented on 06/10/2024 09:37 AM

“There all pink on the inside son… you gotta love them all.


commented on 06/10/2024 10:33 AM

Wise man


commented on 06/10/2024 09:19 AM

People come in and out your life, but moms and dads are there for you always.


commented on 06/10/2024 05:06 AM

I'm in


commented on 06/10/2024 12:36 AM

When I was 18 my Dad gave me some great advice. He told me "Son, get your drink on, get your smoke on, and go home with something to get your poke on." I have lived by those wise words ever since.


commented on 06/10/2024 12:04 AM

Don’t be a bitch


commented on 06/09/2024 10:10 PM

He said, find a woman that swallows and takes it in the ass and marry her...10 years later, still married to her.


commented on 06/09/2024 09:59 PM

"It's your right to grab em by the p*ssy!"


commented on 06/09/2024 09:32 PM



commented on 06/09/2024 09:27 PM

Son, never be like me…(he walks away). He never came back.


commented on 06/09/2024 08:44 PM

Choose the pen not the shovel.


commented on 06/09/2024 07:34 PM

My Daddy told me don't get hooked on cigarettes son.


commented on 06/09/2024 07:09 PM

I would love to


commented on 06/09/2024 04:16 PM

Keep good credit

S. Robinson

commented on 06/09/2024 03:35 PM

Best advice...whatever you do keep a good credit credit means everything....GOOD LUCK!!!


commented on 06/09/2024 03:06 PM

Don't be like me son the best part of you ran down the crack of the wall.


commented on 06/09/2024 12:51 PM

Never forget where you come from, but don’t forget where you are now. One doesn’t always have to make the other.