Broke my phone. Will reply as soon as my new one gets here. Or, find my listing on NWFA. 

Fife Fow-er Wun Fife Tree Sev-en Zee-ro Fife Fow-er Sev-en
TEXT please.

Entertaining offers for trades. Mostly interested in finding a bolt action 5.56 rifle, but I'm open to other offers.

91/30 Mosin Nagant. $150
Shortened and threaded with 30 cal A2 birdcage by Revelation Arms in Aloha. $100
Archangel stock with 2x 10rnd magazines. $170
Forward rail. $10
Caldwell AR Prone bipod. $50
Timney trigger. $120
Rock Solid scope base (bedded and clearanced to have SN of rifle visible). $80
Simmons Whitetail Classic MilDot 6.5-20x50. $270
50mm sun shade. $30
Front (scope and sun shade) and rear flip up caps. $35.
Custom fitted (welded) bent bolt with single knurl handle. $40
I also have one sealed can (440 rounds) of ammo with can opener to go with it. $145

Total invested- $1200

NO, I will NOT sell ammo without rifle. Yes, I will sell rifle without ammo. 
I don't need to and am in no rush to get rid of it.  So, if you want a cash price, it is what I have into it. For trades, I don't mind taking a loss in what I have into it.