RPD, beltfed rifle, made in Russia 1952  . PLO parts kit, with original barrel like new condition,  Only for FFL7 and SOT2. Dealer post sample. Or gun will be cut and sold as parts kit.
 New drums with 100 rounds belts and carry poches. carry bag.
call only 720 27 six six six 97. Thank you.
Trades possibel: ak, saiga, vepr, arsenal ak47, 74, rpk, pkm, psl, swd, tiger, sig sauer, cz, fn, scar.
I have many other AK, s look at my armslist store. I can add guns for right trade.
We build and work on AK, s rpd, pkm, rpk, swd , mg42, 34. sg43,  etc... parts kit, rewelds.and other .