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We have access to all the above brands and all models. Contact for availablilty and Price quotes! Not only do we sell these units, Coyote Hunting is our Passion, we use this stuff too! Hands on Experience, We will HELP you through figuring out which unit best fits your needs and budget, and we can even set your rifle up with the unit here on site!

Contact Josh today with questions and for quotes.

Circle K Firearms has an extensive online offering, We will order you what you want or need, and have it here in a short amount of time. Check out our website at circlekfirearms.com. Our on hand inventory changes daily, check in if you are looking for something specific.

Online orders use the Promo Code CORONA at the checkout to recieve a 7% discount on ALL ORDERS over $250 through 18th of April

For our Night Optics and Predator Hunting Gear look for our new webesite FURDOWN.COM to go live soon offering Thermal, Night Vision, and predator hunting gear!