K98k Has Sold!

Up for sale is a German BYF 44 K98k and a Austro-Hungarian M95. 

K98k is a very late war example made in Obendorf, Germany at the Mauser factory. At a quick glance it looks like a “Russian Capture” K98k by the plum coloring of the extractor. After further research and examination, this rifle appears to be a late war example since the “capture screw” is still in place, all waffenampts are intact, and there is no electro pencil markings on the bolt.  Plum coloring of the extractor is a result of the “rapid” heat and bluing treatment. Rifle is not matching and the price reflects that. 

M95 carbine is a great example of the Austro-Hangarian weapon of choice during WW1. It is a straight pull bolt action that uses 5 round en bloc clips. When all rounds are fired, the en bloc is ejected out of the bottom of the internal magazine. These rifles were intended to be issued to Artillery men, Reservists, “rear troops”, and some photos from that time show officers using them as well. I’m told these rifles kick hard but I cannot attest to that since I have never fired it. 

K98k is $800 and comes with original leather sling

M95 is $600 and comes with 5 boxes of original ammo. For an additional $100 I will also include an officers bayonet. 

I will entertain REASONABLE offers. If you wish to buy both then we will talk about a discounted price. I’m in no rush to move these. 

Transfer is to be done in Rockland. If you wish to use an FFL of your choosing, you will be responsible for the transfer fees. If you wish to have the rifle(s) shipped you will be responsible for the packing and shipping costs. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

If you see this post then the one or both rifles are available.