Pretty simple deal. I am looking to sell my never fired glock 20sf gen 3.
Comes with glock case, paperwork, brush/rod, speed loader, and two 15 round mags.
-Black punisher grips from
-Punisher jentra grip plug scratched up but does not affect functionality.
-Punisher slide plate (original slide plate included)
-GLX red laser
+100 rounds of remington 180gr FMJ rounds
+20 rounds of federal hydra shok 180gr JHP

Must take the ammo but I can put the laser on a different handgun if you do not want it.

$660 w/o laser
$680 with laser
I have spent about $730+tax on this gun and am in no rush to sell it. I got the gun because I was supposed to be spending a lot of time visiting my friends new property and going backpacking with him several times a month but plans changed.

Must be willing to show a valid Texas ID and sign a bill of sales. CHL holders get priority.