Selling cases of MREs - Meals Ready to Eat - all dated with 2013 inspection dates or later. Sealed, banded, and never stored in temperatures above 80 degrees. The absolute perfect way to ensure you and your family have food for the next TEN PLUS YEARS

Shelf life through October, 2023
Case "A" and "B" menus available


1 Case = 70 dollars
3 or more cases = 65 dollars each
10 or more cases = 60 dollars each!!!

Single Meals = 8 dollars

Don't miss out on the chance to ensure your family is prepared and taken care of in the event of emergencies for the next 10 YEARS. This is a no-brainer, fire and forget move. Buy MREs and don't worry about the next flood, tornado, or government meltdown for the next 10 YEARS. These prices are lower than anything you'll find, guaranteed. Dont be fooled by the guys selling a total of 2-3 cases at 50$ prices, their stuff is outdated.
They'll go quick, thanks for looking!

Local Pickup Only Please